March + May Design is the creative collaboration of sisters and Interior Designers Natalie Roe and Rachel Anderson. After working respectively for a combined twenty years in the field, the sisters joined forces in June of 2017 and opened a studio in Midtown Mobile two months later.

Combining a shared love of nature, texture, warmth, mixing patterns and a special penchant for the color green, Natalie and Rachel still manage to bring their own unique style to each of their projects while collaboratively producing spaces reflective of their firm’s overall aesthetic. They believe each home should be a true reflection of the family who lives there. Whether a client leans traditional or simplistic or eclectic or bold, they make sure each aesthetic is achieved in a classic and timeless manner – with depth, quality and personality being their main goals. Natalie and Rachel prefer their own homes to be inviting and cozy, curated and timeless – and aim to successfully marry this to each of their different clients’ own personal tastes.